And it’s a Saturdayyyyyy!

Ayubowan! Bohoma Istouti for reading my blogs! Ovou, I mean ‘yes’, I’ll stop and explain. 😅 So it means ‘Hello, thank you very much for reading my blogs.’ I feel like it is getting better now, right? So for the people who are reading my blog for the first time – I’ve started learning how to greet in different languages and some other basic words. And it is so captivating! By the way, this was in Sinhala from Sri Lanka. Anyways! I hope you’re having a delightful weekend.

Have you ever tried to help someone? By help, I don’t mean like giving an advice. (We all have a Phd in it!) But just being there. Yes, it is not your job to be everything to everyone, I know! But are you there for your loved ones at least? Why is anyone going to say ‘no’? Of course we are! But are they happy the way you are looking after them? Who cares! Uh-huh… You should!! 

Let’s name the person you’re helping through the situation. Let’s name her Vee. Vee is going through a lot recently. What are you doing for her? Giving her advices? Telling her that she should have not done this at first place? Asking her not to repeat it again? Or just unfriend her to get away from the problem? Right, we’re not so cruel. But since now you’ve come to know what you do, let’s see what you should REALLY do!

  • You need not be a “know-all” person

Sometimes the people around you cannot explain to you how they feel. Maybe the feelings cannot be put into words. Or maybe carrying the wound with them is far more difficult than making you understand it. But this creates misunderstanding. When someone is going through a painful phase, they usually don’t have the energy to respond at times. If they are not responding, understand that they are not comfortable. Checking on the people you love should happen naturally. If they need you, they’ll reach you. Your kindness will always be appreciated!

  • Don’t be a big question mark

At times they’ll tell you everything. Avoid giving them advice of what they shouldn’t do instead of motivating them.   Don’t make them lose their self-confidence if you cannot help to build one. You may not agree with all of it, but that’s not the point. If you’re not sure how to respond, just listen. It’s often more helpful to listen to their sadness than to try to relieve it. Give them the time to be upset. They’re going to be upset. Maybe the pain they are feeling now is temporary; but what if you say something that will hit them harder and will stay there for the rest of their life?

  • Follow up with them

Doing a favor doesn’t mean you have to get involved in every matter. You need to trust them. They’re already engrossed in a lot of things. It might be the different situation that they are facing and not the sly intention to ignore you. Maintaining your relationship might be the last thing on their mind. But if you’re presupposing and building their story in your brain, then that my friend, is wrong! Maintain the social distance with your imaginative stories! Rather you could just follow up with them after every 2 to 3 days. Don’t push them to tell you every single thing, every single day. Let them choose. Give them their space. They’ll love you even more!

  • Share all your heart

Also there are people who are afraid to help others because what if you say something and then you’re blamed. Safe game, right? I don’t think so. You are here to help them. They need you. Help them go through the situation. It is ok if they have to relearn. They’ll always remember how they recovered. Everyone has their own struggle. You can never be there in someone else’s struggle the whole time. But the time that you’re investing must be helpful. Make them focus on their strengths. Encourage them. Just be there with all your heart. The magic will work!

This is something we need to start today to make a change. There are wonderful days ahead of you. Make it even more wonderful for the people around you. If they’re upset share with them a meme, crack a joke or at least drop a message. Let them know, they’ll never have to do this alone. Just be there. Don’t leave when they need you the most.  There is someone who needs what you have to give. And they’re lucky to have you! You’re an amazing person!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Vidhi Sonar

19th September, 2020


Konnichiwa! O-genki desu ka? Yesss! The people who are reading my blog for the first time may not know; so, I’ve been learning to greet everyone in different languages, which I think is interesting. This was in Japanese and it means, ‘Hello! How are you?’ Isn’t it fun? 😁 I hope you’re having a beautiful day. Last week, I shared my not-to-do list with you all and thought of sharing a to-do-list this week.

Everyone started off their quarantine with exciting things to do. Drawing, dancing, singing, baking and so on. As soon as the monsoon season arrived (in India) with tons of festivals, people moved to dressing up, clicking pictures of themselves as well as photographing the nature, skies, trees, etc. And now we’re here… simply bored! Though some of us are still enthusiastic and socializing [virtually:)], some are just scratching their heads and finding out a solution.

I have myself read so much about how your ideal day should be and I don’t think it applies to everyone in the same manner. Though, I don’t know how many of you all will relate to it but this is something I’ve been practicing for half a year now, obviously because of COVID and want to continue further.

  • Having a calm morning

I think sleep is one of the most common things that we all struggle with. I don’t think I have faced this problem in my entire life as much as I did in the last 6 months. We sleep late, we wake up late and that my friend becomes a schedule which you’re definitely not supposed to follow! Many bellwethers would tell you to wake up early whereas I think waking up without feeling tired is more important. Preferably, we should just have a peaceful sleep and a calm morning. The world is taking a break right now. Then why not you? Schedule your work and pamper yourself with a goodnight sleep. 

PS. I would love to know the reasons why people sleep at 5AM and wake up at 3PM? Practicing to leave the country already? 🧐

  • Eat what you love

Having a healthy lifestyle starts with having healthy food but how many of you agree that normal is too boring? For me, food is the thing that brings joy. What I eat is the reflection of how I feel. Obviously someone is going to tell you to eat healthy to feel good but I’m going to tell you to eat what you love to feel the best. You can have a large cheese burst pizza and chocolate pancakes if you want to. Unhealthy food isn’t bad if you have a balanced diet. Everything in moderation. Plan your meals for a week on Sundays and give a treat to your tummy!

PS. Here I want to know about the people who only have snacks; how are you convincing your family?

  • Reading books

I don’t know why I wrote this point third on the list.  (Sorry book lovers!)🙋🏻‍♀️ Anyways! We all know the power of books so I’ll just skip it. Many of us don’t like reading books. Some of them already went asleep! I know it takes a lot of effort to read a book along with your daily schedule and it is hard to manage at times. But I feel that reading a book will help a lot. I’ve been doing a lot of reading this year so far. Currently, I have started listening to audiobooks. You can also listen to an audiobook or maybe read an ebook if you don’t have books at your home right now to start your game. You will soon know, how much fun reading is! I absolutely know that holding a book in our hands gives us the vibe but if you feel like reading in this way, cheers!

PS. Let me know if you have any new favorite reads!

  • Share your playlist

I’m not a music person! Though I’ve started listening to a lot of music for a few months now. Some of us are very particular when it comes to music. Music has the power to set up our moods. And the moods… yes, they differ! There will always be a song that you’ll relate to. So why not share it? Sharing your playlist is like sharing the last piece of your pizza or maybe not that big a deal!😂 So why not? What if your friends relate to it too? You don’t need to have a fancy playlist to share. Recommend and encourage people to listen to it only if you feel comfortable.

PS, I would be interested to know what you are humming lately? Possibly we could have a similar taste!

  • Start a new hobby or revisit an old one

Lockdown has affected us in every possible way. But the same situation has given us a chance to revisit all our hobbies that we left behind. You might as well look for a new hobby. Also, your hobby is supposed to be your mood-changer. It can be writing, playing instruments, gardening or even, playing cards, netflixing and having fun with your pet. Don’t choose a hobby to follow the trend. Stay true to yourselves. Trust me, you’ll feel so much lighter!

After reading this you’ll think, this is normal. This is what we do everyday! But try to see the world with a different lens. We can look for excitement in everything. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to have fun. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I need to do for myself. And here is my first step. I’m surely going to add more to it!

Ja Simran ja, jile apni zindagi!


Hope you all have a cozy weekend!

Vidhi Sonar

12th September, 2020


Namaste friends! So, I’m learning to speak hello/hi in different languages. But why not start it with my national language.😉 By the way, how are you all doing? How was your first week of September? For me, the week flew by so quickly, maybe because I’m constantly looking forward to the weekends now. Because that means a new blog! Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too! Have you guys ever thought of setting up new goals or at least stop doing something which is not right that can affect you in a negative way?

There are so many situations where we think, we should stop reacting like we usually do. For example, I don’t want to handle a situation in a specific manner, but it certainly happens and it’s uncontrollable. And then, I react in a way that I shouldn’t have. Why does that happen? All of us agree that we could have stopped practicing this before. But you can still break up with all these groundless thinking and try to improve. It is not easy to remind ourselves of this every now and then, which is why it’s a powerful exercise. However, it is possible if you start doing it daily. You got to learn new life lessons and it’s never too late to do that!

There are few things that you can stop doing right after reading this blog and start practicing good habits.

  • Worrying about things that I can’t control

We usually tell people around us that ‘Why are you stressing about it man? It’s not in our hands. Let’s see what happens’, and worry about the things we can’t control. Try to control your thoughts if you cannot change something that is unmanageable. Observe your reactions. Try to control them. Whenever I catch myself taking things too seriously that I can’t control, I force myself to take a step back. Worrying about everything will overtire us. And we definitely don’t want to exhaust ourselves. Control. Calm down. Carry on.

  • Carrying grudges in your heart.

At times, you can forget what your brain has stored but what’s in your heart, will always remain there. This is why holding grudges is not a good option. We understand that it’s not easy to forgive. There are countless emotions playing in our body when we’re hurt by someone and it is absolutely natural. But letting go of a grudge will cause us less pain. Most of the times, we think we’re over it, but we’re not. The grudge that we are holding is actually holding us. That doesn’t mean we have to forgive the person; but we cannot let our inner peace go, right? Figure out. Forget. Free yourself.

  • Being afraid to speak your mind

If it is going to offend someone, despite of being wrong, speak. Always speak if you have something to say. Do not hold yourself back unless it’s meant to hurt someone. If you don’t agree with something, correct it. It’s not like everyone wants to hear the truth, but if that makes you feel better, get it off your chest. You never know what effect your words might have on someone. On the other side, when someone tries to correct me, I feel like a fool but I’m not a close minded person. We can try to defend but we also need to understand. Connect. Challenge your ideas. Comprehend.

  • Criticizing yourself for rejections

Don’t. Don’t ever criticize yourself for rejections. Don’t put the pressure on yourself for getting rejected. Sometimes we’re so desperate to achieve everything in little time. Who isn’t interested in success? Everyone is. I’m not saying that being compassionate is wrong, but when that does not happen, we run ourselves down. In this way, we’re letting our fear win. Failure can happen. It will hurt. How we cope with it says a lot about who we are. Understand failure because that’s where growth happens. Also, what is meant for you will not pass you by. Walk. Become a force of will. Win.

  • Feeling bad for not living up to other’s standards

What is the point? I mean, I realize that we care a lot about what others think of us, which is very natural. But living a life according to other people’s choice is certainly not what we want all the time. Asking for suggestions and giving them the power to rule you, are two different things. This is your life. You know better. Take care of yourself. I keep talking about this in my blogs but self care is important. The difficulty lies in the practice. But trying to live our life based on our choices is a reward to ourselves. Start saying no to people and find your own happiness. Leave negativity. Live positively. Love your life.

  • Being distressed for putting yourself first

Take a note of this. Be kind to yourself first and then be kind to others. There is always at least one person in your life of whom you think, before deciding what is best for you. Though sometimes, you can be a little selfish. You talk to yourself the most. But how many times do you talk about yourself? How many times do you say, ‘I’m doing this for me?’ Putting yourself first is not belittling others but understanding the value of self love. We owe this to ourselves. Believe. Be intentional. Bloom.

  • Anything that happened in the past

Life goes on… Our lives have changed their colors from time to time. And we tried to find the good in all situations.  Learning lessons is a part of growing up. But sometimes, I feel it could have been better. Still, letting go is a better option according to me. Don’t hold onto things from the past. Instead of focusing on what was wrong, focus on what was right. Take care of your mindset. We can make the most of the time we have now. Pretermit past. Party in present. Prosper.

The reason why I wrote this is because I believe that this can help us. I think the year 2020 did not work as planned, but will definitely be remembered for many other reasons. And I want it to be beneficial for us. I have made a bigger not-to-do list instead of a to-do-list this time, because we have to learn stop carrying guilt. I wish I could turn back time, which is obviously not possible! So now, we should make the most of what we have. Make most of everyday. Let’s see how it works?

Kahi pohochne ke liye kahi se nikalna bohot zaruri hota hai.

Have a great weekend!

Vidhi Sonar

5th September, 2020


This is not what you’re supposed to be looking for.

Yay, it’s the last Saturday of August! I think we all were excited throughout this week and there is no need to give an explanation about it. I think welcoming Gampy at our homes is in itself the biggest celebration that we have apart from our birthdays!😁 I wish you have a happy weekend too! Now coming back to my title, can you tell me some positive stuff going on in your life right now? Oh, I forgot to mention the people. Let’s do it again… Can you tell me some positives going on in your life right now, that you’re doing without thinking about what people would say? I think that has less to do with what you’re doing but we can’t deny the fact that we do give it so much of importance than it really deserves.

The other day I saw a quote that said, “The best weight you’ll ever lose is the weight of other people’s opinion of you.” And this hit the right spot so hard, that I had to write about this. It is something everyone would relate to. Everyone experiences this phase at one point in their life. Nervousness is stored in everyone’s body. 

There are so many people around us who are there for everyone and have some professional skills of being in touch whenever we need but don’t get the same amount of love. And those are the people who think thousands of times before doing something. There is a fear of what if I do something and people judge me. What if it indicates something wrong. It is not like you’re an introvert. But despite of being an expressive person, you struggle with what people would feel. Why does this happen? Sometimes we want people to just be around us. But when you’re told by them that, ‘it’s nothing’ or ‘grow up’, you do feel bad about yourself. People keep judging without learning enough about the person, and it is you, who is concerned about it. And that makes you nervous to be YOU.

With me, I always panic before speaking to strangers. At times, also with the people I know. I lose my words and get convinced that people may think I was stupid. It was embarrassing. But now I feel it’s embarrassing only if you allow it to be. Just because I’m nervous, doesn’t mean that has to be my everlasting state. I have realized that it is not me but the situation. When we experience disappointment from the way others treat us, that’s the time to take special care of ourselves. No one likes to be judged for what they love to do. I think it is you who should appreciate yourself when no one else is. You should always be your biggest fan. And if someone is not seeing your consistency, don’t stop yourself from what you’re doing.

What if things change and your nervousness has been lying the entire time? What if things work out? What if everything turns out better than you imagined? Don’t let people make you forget your real identity. Being different isn’t a bad thing. It takes courage to speak, to follow with what you’re doing and keep doing it honestly. If you’re not a trend-follower, it is okay. Pamper yourself instead of pleasing others. Start improving rather than impressing. Your goal is growth. You never know. The future is full of small successes and then big successes and beautiful things that will make your heart shine bright.

No, I’m not writing this as a motivational speech. This is something everyone needs to realize but still it is not widely talked. This is also for the people who are sitting on the other side of the table who are fence sitters on the issues. We all agree that we cannot be there for everyone who need help. But we can surely stay quiet instead of passing on comments. It’s worse than actually not being there. If you cannot offer empathy, then offer nothing. At the same time, it is also important to surround ourselves with the people who won’t disparage us or anyone for that matter. 

If you do something and feel it is not good enough, it is ok. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. You’re on your journey. You’re trying. Take it easy on yourself. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Everyone has a different path. Remember who you’re when others forget. Give yourself time. Love yourself more than anyone else.

Life has a funny way of coming together sometimes. Keep trying. Because, Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

Vidhi Sonar

29th August, 2020



I realized this afternoon that it’s been a month since I’ve started writing my blog! This doesn’t feel real at all. For many, one month is nothing to be called as an achievement, but for the people who have never done something alike before, it is very special to their heart. And I’m very lucky to be celebrating it! Exactly one month back, on this date, I posted my very first blog. I have written only four blogs till date, but the love for all the four of them is far more than what I expected. I was hesitant and unsure if I should have tried noting down my words. But now, writing blogs is one of my favorite activities. Thank you for helping me along the way and sharing the love and support.

I always thought of writing something. Anything. But I never really gave it a try. As I was stuck in the house, I thought of making an effort. Today, we’ve a lot of time in our pocket. Before this pandemic, most of us just dreamt of spending so much of leisure time. We all designed how we can use this time. Remember the days when we used to give an excuse that, ‘If I had enough time, I would have done it’ ? Yes, this is the time that we can get our excuses to work in real life. Time to try new things, time to show YOURSELF the abilities you have, time to realize that we can do so much more out of the schedule. All those times are what you can cherish now. Ask yourself, did you meet your intentions? And you’ll definitely come around many!

“Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what.”

– Ernest Hemingway

Also, don’t forget to thank yourself and everyone around you. Think of what you have and what all can you do with it. Isn’t it something to be thankful about? Yes, we can always find something to be thankful for. So now, I’m thankful to you all. I’m grateful to all of you. Thanks again for all the encouragement over the past one month. ❤️

A grateful heart is magnet for miracles.

Vidhi Sonar

17th August, 2020


Happy Independence Day!

The Story of Ramayana is not new for us. We all know the story, the characters, and the immortal message that it leaves, i.e the victory of good over evil. Every part, every character of Ramayana is so multi dimensional. In short, the Ramayana is a tale of values and ideals. But is Ramayana only a story that we read in books or have watched on TV? For me, the answer is NO.

India is a secular country. (For the people who don’t know, a secular country is the one that is neutral in the matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion. Source – Google) The concept behind this is absolutely reasonable. India has been a field of two civilizations, Hinduism and Islam for the last one thousand years and three civilizations, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity for nearly three centuries. There was a deliberate destruction of Hindu temples in the last millennium. And after that what happened is known to all of us, which took the whole nation to storm, here we’re now. Exactly 10 days back, Ram Mandir BhoomiPoojan, an occasion for all the Hindus, not only in Ayodhya, but all over the world came after 500 years. It is one of the biggest reclamations of our ancient culture. And after the long, long decades wait, a terrible war has still been going on. And the damage is undeniable…

There were so many people who promoted hatred over this decision on OTT platforms. No wonder the country is celebrating it as a grand festival of renewal of civilization. But at the same time, I also noticed how people found it more of a challenge to accept the fact. Ram Janmabhoomi movement was Hindu’s reaction on retaining their identity. Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura holds the same emotional and predominant place in the hearts of people like the Mecca, Jerusalem and Vatican City. Ram Mandir was and still is a dream of a huge population within India. Some people have been waiting for years with the dream in their eyes. But on the other side, the temple reconstruction also showcased the hatred for the people who promoted and appreciated the edification.

What also mystifies me is the fact that why people are proposing to build a school or hospital on that piece of land. Why is it hard to accept that all religions should be respected the same. I remember when I was in school, there was this church I used to go every time when I visited my grandmother’s place. This is what we have been taught. सर्व धर्म समभाव is what we have been preaching for a long time, and now denying the right to practice your own culture in your own land is fair? The reconstruction of the temple signifies Hindu society’s will power and noble endeavor towards bringing back their civilizational ethos. And that shows we have come a long way…

Should we not cherish our culture together? Are we supposed to cut apart from the culture that we believe in? Is it wrong to believe in something and wanting it? Is it wrong to walk along with the past? If anyone wants to be free, let them. Doing something that feels good related to Hinduism is not equal to hating other religion. We’re building a temple for Lord Rama, but we have temples for Ravana too. Glorifying one culture does not degrade another.

This is the point where we have to understand and realize something. The foundation of India has been the inter-weaving of religion. A sense of brotherhood is important to ensure development and growth of our country. Supporting each other is what we’re expecting from each other. But just expecting without implementing within ourselves is not what we can apply to. Take a moment to remember all the freedom fighters because of whom we’re here, together. Today, India has completed 74 years as an independent nation. Let the best India arise. If we still keep ranting about what we cannot have rather than executing, then it will be an overnight conversion of diversion. Because, united we stand, divided we fall. We may wish all of this should have happened twenty or forty years back, but we still have time to recover. History has its own path and time has its own pace. It is we who have to take a step with both to change the nature of India constructively.

“We’re unique in the world that we are enriched by so many cultures, religions. Now they want to squash us into one culture. So it is a dangerous time. We do not want to lose our richness. We do not want to lose anything.. all that Islam has brought us, what Christianity has brought us, what Sikhism has brought us. Why should we lose all this? We are not all Hindus but we are all Hindustani.” – Nayantara Sahgal

“At the dawn of history, India started on her unending quest, and trackless centuries are filled with her striving and the grandeur of her success and her failures. Through good and ill fortune alike she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave her strength.”

– Jawaharlal Nehru


Vidhi Sonar

15th August, 2020


“Love is all that matters.”

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing good. How are we in August already? For me, July was over in a flash. Maybe, it is the lovely weather! The other day, when I was just surfing on Instagram, I came around a video where this girl keeps saying she is ugly.

Also, there was another video where this girl keeps asking her sister whether she is pretty. And every time her sister said yes, the little girl asked why somebody else hasn’t said it.

Though I’ve had real difficulty writing about this, it has been something I have been wanting to talk about, since a very long time. There are plenty of people within our community who want to be normal but are not treated like one. Treating other people exactly opposite of the way you live, is something I find extremely weird. We all are insecure about something. You might be insecure about your weight, your skin color, teeth, nose, or even a pimple! Insecurities are a part of life but letting that affect you so deeply, is wrong. There is no certain level of beauty required to get accepted by people. The fact that the color of your skin is different from mine doesn’t stop you from being beautiful.

The videos were a grief-stricken realization of how status-quo devastates someone’s mind set. This is a kind of roughness that never seems to end. Instead of labelling someone on behalf of what their insecurities are, considering their well-being matters. We often speak something harsh that is unintentional on our side, but it can hurt the person in many ways. Being vocal is good, but it is also better if you think how it had feel if someone else said it to you. Take a pause before judging anyone. Think before you speak. Educate yourself.

Also, there are many people who suffer in silence. Not everyone is capable of being automatically ready to talk just because you’re ready. And rather than understanding and being supportive, some people are so quick to jump to conclusions, that it gives space to self-doubt and lack of confidence to speak about yourselves. Usually, when someone talks about inferiority complex, all they want is to be heard. The best thing we can do is listen. This is not an easy phase and it is important to reach out and be supportive.

Why is it that if someone else notices our qualities, it is worth? Why do we wait for others to love ourself? Why do we need an appreciation from other people to know we’re good? Don’t let others convince you that you look beautiful. You don’t need others to accept you to feel accepted. Accept yourself rather than trying to make yourself like someone else. If people around you do not bother to spread positivity to friends and families, or anyone else for that matter, then you’re looking out for wrong people. Looking for answers in the wrong places unnerves us. That is why, we’re the change we should seek, After all, if we do not, who else will?

It is important to raise our consciousness and know that we all are same. I have always believed that only love can heal the fear and pain of people. It is important to look inside ones heart; after all, the color of our hearts is the same…

I hope everyone tries to end this week on a positive note!

Vidhi Sonar

8th August, 2020


Happy weekend everyone! Yes, it’s Friday. Even though days don’t really mean anything anymore. To be honest, even I had no idea. This is exactly how some of us are going through the weeks right now. A few months ago, when this pandemic came into our lives, I asked myself a question: What is the story I’m telling myself today? How I could make my day even more enjoyable?

We’re still trying to find the right balance of productivity and relaxation to start a new day, everyday. In my case, I never get tired of sleeping, having a slow morning, drinking tea, reading a book (rereading as of now) and just taking things as they come. I absolutely love it this way! But I realized that I could make so much more out of this time. Rather than just living our regular routine, we can work on many different things. For example, What is something you struggle with, but want to improve?

Here we are, halfway through the year. All these days for the past few months, haven’t really been a mood. Still, we have come a long way. We have got over so many things that are unnecessary. We learnt new things. We taught new things. We realized that we can find happiness in the smallest of things. We still have ample of time to make good things better and better things best. Because, all endings are also the beginnings. We just don’t know it at that time. Right now, heading out of our houses would sound impossible but we can certainly do something for experiences, so that we know that we’re going somewhere in life. Honestly, some part of me knows that I’ll not be able to do everything I want to in a week. But there is another part of me that thinks I should just start and eventually I’ll be there. Do not hold yourself back. And that makes you special.

Try something new. Try something you’ve never tried before. Try things you’re always avoiding doing. Maybe because you don’t have time or maybe because you think you won’t be able to do it. Create your own experiences. Set your goals. Set an intention. Turn off your phone and give yourself some space. PRACTICE. EXERCISE. REFLECT. Find your magnum opus. It is easy to spot opportunity when you’re always thinking about it. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, grab the one you have now. Make your own moment.

This is also a good way to distract yourselves from the habits you don’t like. Try to get off the bad habits you do not want to follow. I hope we can carry some of these habits even after the pandemic! This reality may make it easier on some levels to make a big move. According to me, the best way to do it is – 

  1. Free yourself from the opinions of others. Just to save yourself a time, it is easy to hate what you cannot have and thus easier to judge others than to detect yourself. What you do, does not concern people. But, if you don’t learn to write your own story, someone else will write it for you, which is exactly not what you want. So just free yourself from the judgements, take a seat and let it sink in.
  2. Try to learn about yourself. There are so many things that I should be doing, that it’s hard to prioritize what to actually do. But we can give time to ourselves and learn about what are the likes and dislikes. The wider the variety of perspectives we encounter, the more growth we see in ourselves. Focus on what will feel good. Find out your idea of happiness. It is essential to take higher steps in our lives.
  3. Notice your day to day changes. I think change takes time but changes should happen for the sake of our welfare. We should also take a step to unlearn things that creates chaos in our mind. You don’t have to do certain things if they don’t grab your attention. Do what makes you feel happy.
  4. Make those good changes a habit. Start today, Repeat tomorrow. Remember that good habits are more important than what your edited versions show yourself on Instagram. Try to be the unedited version of yourself. That’s all!

This pandemic has augmented our emotions in various ways and it would be a regret if we came out of it as oblivious as we entered it. So keep thinking and growing. I hope everyone has a great start to their week and find a moment of stillness!

Vidhi Sonar

31st July, 2020


I wish I knew!

We all planned so many things in the beginning of this year! As this lockdown 2020 period started, almost everyone was petrified. Seriously, where did half of the year go? We never thought of this, but now we’re here! Everyone was trying to find their inner peace. Many of us started it by baking, dancing, singing, painting or any other form of art for that matter. This feeling is far better than netflixing or just staring the screen on Hotstar! Many of us got to know more about our own self, what we like, what we want. But this has always been a puzzle, “What we want and what we have.” There is always a question posed before me, ‘Whether I should do what I have already planned for, or just dump it off and do what I feel right, right now.’ At times, it seems so pointless to finish what we’re already doing.

Many of us are the happiest at what we have but at the same time, many of us are still struggling to find what we really want. When people realize they’re in such a phase, they always have that disoriented moment when they don’t know where they really are. Sometimes, it feels right to experiment and welcome the new thoughts. But we stop for what people would say. What is important is accepting reality. Do what makes you happy; and there is nothing wrong in giving yourself some personal space and switch over the things in your life. 

It is perfectly fine to ask yourself questions. It is significant to read more, learn more, question more and find solutions for yourself. If you think all of this is uncomfortable, it is fine. If you want to extricate from what you’re already doing, it is fine. If you want to quit, it is absolutely fine. Engaging in what you’re interested is all that matters.

As we are passing this lockdown period, everything that is happening is being counted as a side-effect; but in fact, it is just us realizing what we really are. Wondering if you should continue with what you are already doing or switch it to something else, is an entirely rational response to these uncertain times. Some people felt like this even before the lockdown started. Realizing what is right is important whether it is close to the end of your graduation or at the very second day of your job. It is of the essence to understand that you are not abnormal. Growth is often uneasy but you just have to keep going to witness all the pleasure. After all, somethings have to end for better things to begin.

It is alright to listen to your heart and live alone in the happy world rather than living powerless life sharing your world with other people. If you’re experiencing people around you as more of an obstacle than a support, then this is normal too. Because, “Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna.” Maybe the ones making your situation worse, might be suffering just like you. Don’t hold yourself back. I understand these are not easy decisions, but it is you, who is supposed to create your own happy space. Depending on someone to make decisions for you on your behalf is certainly not what you want. Accepting and planning accordingly is what we should do. It takes little to live a contended life, so just face the fear before you. One good turn deserves another.

Everyone will storm about and your lantern will go out. But it is you who lights it up again and moves on…

Vidhi Sonar

17th July, 2020

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